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Large Businesses

"A business can understand its Dealers and the end customers better with the help of data analysis."

Large Businesses

Data is the driving force behind any successful business house. Analyzing data helps Large Businesses Houses understand the current market conditions. For example; by analyzing dealer purchasing behaviors, a business can find out the products that are sold the most and produce its future products according to this trend. As a result, it can get ahead of its competitors. A business can understand its Dealers and the end customers better with the help of data analysis. It can predict what its Dealers want in advance and provide them a better business model which will help improve dealer performance.Collecting data for a Large Businesses House means connecting outside its own four walls. The fact is traditional business systems often fall short delivering this connectivity. Information is spread across the network and making it available to take business decisions is more than a problem of connectivity. It is definite the When there is poor visibility, performance suffers.The solution is simple Gain visibility in your channel to prevent loss of sales by making the right goods available at the right time in the right market.

We at IT Catalyst understand this challenge and provide software solution by customizing, extending and integrating Tally ERP to meet your unique business model. Thereby your business can achieve higher efficiencies, stock and sales visibility. Each business has unique processes and procedures and based on your line of business several features in Tally can be used and the rest be customized.


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